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im just gonna copy and paste some info because i suck at typing...

1994 Facts, Figures, and Changes

Q: How many 1994 Impalas were produced? Is it a "collector's item"?

A: There were about 6000 copies built in '94, of which about 5000 made it into the hands of the public. This isn't really that rare. All 1994 Impalas were black, and it was rare to get one ordered from the factory, as most dealers had ordered out the supply.

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1995 Facts, Figures, and Changes

Q: What was changed in the 1995 models? How many were built?

A: 94's had a small plastic insert in the window just forward of the C pillar (where the Impala emblem goes). For '95, all Impalas (and Caprices) have this curve stamped into the body panels. 1995 and later Caprices now have the speed-compensated volume stereos available. 1995 Impalas could be ordered in two additional colors: dark cherry metallic and dark green- gray metallic. In addition, the mirrors moved from being door mounted to being mounted on the window frame and made into the foldaway type. There were 18,649 Impalas built in 1995 (21,434 including exports). The color breakdown was 4,442 Grey Green Metalic, 9,858 Dark Cherry Metalic, and 7,134 Black.

A few more minor changes between the 94's and 95's:
  • The ABS controller unit looks to be different.
  • The steering wheel on the 95+ models is textured, like the horn pad, but my '94s wheel is smooth.
  • The 94 dome light is a cheesy looking square thing, while the newer cars seem to have a nice, oval setup.
  • The AIR setup was changed from the small, simple 94 design to a more bulky and visible setup.
  • The oil filler spout is different. The 94 is much bigger, but will accept the Mobil 1 cap w/o modification.
  • The coolant overflow changed from two hoses to one, with the corresponding change in the radiator design.
  • Second gear start was removed from the car.
  • The oil dipstick tube changed from a black "T" handled unit with an integrated wiper to a yellow unit without the squeezable wiper.

1996 Facts, Figures, and Changes

Q: What's new with the 1996 model? How many are being made?

A: The Impala gets a console shifter and an analog gauge cluster. The gauge cluster drops the oil pressure and the voltage gauges but adds a tachometer and an analog speedometer. OBD-II was instituted on the Impala this year, which brought along major PCM changes and a second pair of oxygen sensors. The preferred equipment group is now standard, with the appropriate increase in base price. Predictions call for a production run of about 23,000 to 26,000 Impalas in 1996. The last build date was scheduled for December 13, 1996. The very last car went to Pinky Randall, of Michigan. 41,941 Impalas were sold to the public in 1996, and 7 were used as "pilot" and other quality programs internal to GM. Total by color: black with 19,085 cars, dark cherry with 12,180 cars, and green-grey with 10,676.

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1997 Impala SS

Q: Will there be a 1997 model? A: No. Even though Impalas will be built well into the start of the 1997 model year, they will still be labelled 1996 models. After December 13, 1996, no more Impalas will be produced, so none will actually be manufactured in 1997.

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My '94 has the same steering wheel as my '96.

The '94 (one of the 6,800 produced) has a rectangular dome light in the same position as the oval light in the '96. Some Caprice models has a square light closer to the front of the vehicle, as in the 9C1 cars.

The change in oil fillers also necessitated a change in the "home plate" resonator. The '94 has a regular polygon, whereas the '96 has a small semicircle molded in the RH side to accomodate the oil filler. The '96 "home plate" is also slightly larger.

The body mount bushings were changed after '94. Performing the "Scott Mueller" body mount modification on both vehicles. brought this fact to light for me.

Contrary to some reports, the '94 B-Body LT1s had a ventilated OptiSpark unit, although the vacuum source is different for each.

Since mine was a late '94 model, I think it's a safe assumption that all '94s has the cast zinc power stud in the UEC distribution block - And all the problems associated with that. I'm not sure about the '95s, but my '96 has the beryllium/copper stud. My '94 now has the same stud, after the near-meltdown.

The A.I.R. pump on both are the same. The plumbing on the LH side is the same on both. The plumbing on the RH side of the '94 is actually more complex than the '96, with a loop of pipe right over the rocker cover. The check valves are in the same locations on both.

The '94 came with standard, high-silicate polyethylene/glycol coolant mix (green crap), whereas the '96 came with DexCool. I don't have anything on green coolant any more - Even the '86 F-Car.

The ABS units are considerably different, and are mounted "backward" from each other.

The '94 radiator is different, with an air purge hose at the RH top corner returning to teh expansion tank. The '96 lacks this hose, and thus has a slightly different expansion tank.

The MAFs are different.

The '96 has a different oil pressure/temperature sensor.

I'm sure there are many others that I haven't noticed.

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there were actually 6,303 94's built and less that 1000 are are still registered in the US.
As for colors, in 94 only black, 95: Black, DCM (cherry) and DGGM (Dark gre- green metallic) in 96 all these plus Light grey green met. There are rumors and some swear that there were late model 95's to have the LGGM. I have been to quite a few Impalapaloozas and never seen a digital dash / column shift LGGM Imp. That being a 95 model.

From all else said before, it seems to be pretty accurate.
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