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93 Trans Am Starting problems and windows locking and unlocking themselves

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93 Trans Am Starting problems and doors locking and unlocking themselves

i have a 1993 trans am that has been sitting for a while, while i was doing a front end conversion. i took it to the shop yesterday to put a new clutch init and it shut off on me while driving. i pulled over to the side of the road and went to start it back up but it wouldnt start. it would turn over but sounded like it wasnt getting any fuel. however i checked the valve on the fuel rail and it had pressure. i waited 5 mins and then it started right back up and i drove like 10 feet and then it shut off. i started it again and made it all the way to the shop witch was about 20 mins away and the car seemed to run fine. got the clutch in and took it off the lift and went to start it and it started and then shut right back off this happened like 3 times and then it started and i could drive it home. Any ideas what this could be? the car was sitting for around two years maybe dirty fuel??

Also the both door locks are automatically locking and unlocking themselves. idk if this could cause the car shutting off because of the security system on the car. i unhooked the brain of the system and even took out the fuse for the door locks and they are still unlocking and locking themselves idk how this could be??

Any help on both of these items would be a great help.
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