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93 Trans Am not running!

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Just did a heads, and cam install and now that I have everything back together the car is just turning over but not running. I have tested for fire and it looks like I am getting fire, but it looks to be real weak but I don't know the difference in strong and weak spark. Could it be a timing issue? Its not backfiring or anything just turning over and every once in awhile I will get something out of the throttle bottle kinda like a backfire but no real big noise.
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I would re check your work and make sure everything is hooked up properly. Get a spark tester, the kind that puts a load on the ignition system that simulates compression pressure of the engine cylinder. You can get at most parts stores. A spark that looks good in open air testing can easily fail using the spark tester.

Again, most likely suspect is something you took apart then forgot to hook back up, or didn't get good contact when you hooked it back up.
Dido! It seems as though it may be out of time too.
Yea bro, Im leaning with Coco USMC it does seem like its out of time.
sorry i havent responded. been out of town. If it was out of time wouldnt it atleast try to start? Could it be so far out of time that it seems like its not even getting fire?
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