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93 firebird rear sits higher then front help???

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I have a 1993 firebird formula my rear on the car sits up a little higher then my front of the car you can see the differnt spacing in the wheel wells. Im really confused is that factory are the backs of these cars suppose to be higher then the front. If not what could be causing this ive looked at pics of other cars online and cant really tell please help thankyou
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Mine actually KINDA sits lower in the front, update a pic so we can better see what yours is looking like. Also If your shocks/suspension are starting to show signs of aging then i could see that being a reason why the front is sitting pretty low (If it is indeed low) Also are the Original owner? Does it have any type of aftermarket parts in terms of shocks, suspension etc.....?
And if not of this meets the criteria, make sure your not parking on any hills or anything so you can actually get a good view but it could just be the weight of the engine like in every car.
Pull your rear spring isolators and put some hose on the spring end.

Yes, the rear is a little higher than the front in stock form.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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