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8 point cage

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93-02 Fbody
I have an 8 point jegs cage for sale still wrapped up brand new.
its been sitting in my garage since i got it and decided not to put it in.

$150 Buyer pays shipping or picks up if close i can meet you.
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Does it have swing outs?
no it doesnt but you can buy a swing out kit from compitition engeering for cheap.
HOw would that work then? Just replace the door bar?
no it welds on the existing door bar, here is a link with the kit's inifo

the person who is doing the install will be able to do it with the instructions that come with it.
Let me take a look at the cash I have availible for this week. I'll let you know.
cool man no problem.... nobody else is really taking to it yet :thumbsup:
Here's how it looks, my buddy went to Vegas and his luggage with all of his $$ got lost. I had to wire him $500, so that wiped out my spendable money for the week. (I keep a budget so I can buy a house, I refuse to rent). If no one has taken it by Friday I'll have more disposable money.

BTW, can you check shipping to 60464?
hey just to give you an update if this falls through you are first in line. i have someone locally who wants it if he doesnt pick it up or changes his mind by friday its yours. ill let you know!
Hey bro just wanted to let you know i have ANOTHER cage i can send out if you want it.... it is the same cage and same condition as mine brand new it just isnt packed up in the tie straps. let me know if you want it.
I'll let you know. I'm also looking into having a chromoly one made. I'll know in a day of so.
Im interested in you have a site or pics how how this one installs or looks inside? Thanks!
Email: Transamsfast
sorry the cage has been sold my computer crashed so there was no way for me to post sooner
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