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I found a unicorn , A mallory 685 all in one box , brand spanking in the box with factory wrap new !!! As anyone of you that have this jewel knows , it is absolutely perfect for timing retard on our cars with Nitrous …. If anyone of you have or had one ☝, can you tell me if and how you set up the 2step rev limiter to launch on . I’m hoping to set this thing up to keep the tires under the car when the last yellows blink. My car has 500 plus and 499t with 3.07’s ( for now ) on a Dana 44 . It will roast the tires waaaaaay past the 60 . I’m hoping to set this thing up on the 2step to get out nice . Any pointers , or advise . I have a set of 315 Hoosiers that are ready for the track so these are gonna help a ton .
thank you ,
GOD bless ,
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