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Hello everyone, as my first post i have a pretty significat problem i need some advice on.
I have a 97 camaro 3800 with the 5 speed manual i took over for a project car. Long story short ive brougjt it back to life and have drove it all summer. Midway through summer i started having minor issues with second gear. It almost felt like a doubke click into gear and would only happen every now and then. Now its got to the point where my first and second gear 60% ish of the time is really hard to throw into. Its like if u dont double click it dont go in all the way and will just go back to neutral. I know its not a clutch problem because i already replaced the clutch. Does anyome have any advice/info on this problem? Would changing fluids with anti slip in it help? Does temp (32° or less) effect transmission at all? Thank you everyone
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