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Depending on year of car, put it on an obd 1 or 2 scanner. One that does real time sensor data. You should be able to read info from trans sensors, switches, & actuators.

Jack rear wheels up & support with jack stands. Get in and do a simulated drive, while watching trans data. See if anything fails in data department when trans goes out.

Also do a code scan as trans data is not emissions related, codes for trans usually don't light the ses or cel.

IIf all is well with trans sensors and codes, it's most likely time for a trans rebuild.

To help you understand codes go to following link & download the factory service manual that is closest to your car;s year. They have 94, 95, 96. 98-00.

It would make it easier for those trying to help you, if you would include year of your f-body.
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