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We have a 408 LS2 Stroker that just got done. We personaly have 5100.00 bucks into the motor. It's intension was to go into a shop project we were going to run nitrous on. However we are either going to sell everything or run a turbo setup, so this motor plain will not work for us either way. Here is everything included in the build up:

-Eagle Forged Crank 4.00" Stroke
-Diamond Pistons 4.030" Bore Part#(11519)
-Rings & Bearings Included
-Eagle Rods w/L19 Bolts (1400hp rated)
-LS2 Block w/custom 1/2" head studs
-All machine work is done. It just needs to be assembled. (2,000.00 in machining alone)

This setup is close to our complete 408 Assemblies which we charge almost 7,000.00 bucks for. The only difference is the Eagle crank is upgraded to a Lunati in our kit.

This rotating assembly is good up to 1000hp.

If you have any questions feel free to call or PM.

Sean (559)348-0200
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