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3rd gen or 4th gen camaros

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which do u guys think looks better... im meaning like equally done up. cause one of my friends seems to think that no matter how done up my 4th gen camaro is that his 3rd gen camaro will win more car shows and looks from girls i beg to differ
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Also, 92 Firehawk came with ZF 6 speed.

There are so many ways to make power with a SBC, I wont even begin to get into it here.

You need to catch up with Mark Madarash and his 88 GTA that owns ESP, and tell him his car doesnt handle better than 4th gens.

Dont need horsepower to auto-x. Ever notice Miatas, with ~200 hp LESS than a Camaro, are in CS, a much faster class than FS?

Auto-x is ALL about handling and putting down what power you do have. LS1's have too soft front springs, too stiff rear springs, and wheel hop like a mofo.

A 305 3rd gen is MORE than a match for ANY stock 4th gen between the cones (and they are a lot cheaper to boot!)
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Looks like you know your stuff about autocrossing fbods.
You rip out the nasty mullet interior for autox anyway :finger:

I am aware that Miatas are outstanding for road courses...but you won't see me in the nasty little weedwhacker.

I still like 4th gens better :cool:
ima go with a 3rd gen. i plan to build day till then its just a dream. but dont get me wrong 4th gens are still somethin wild wouldnt mine one of those either.
I have seen those firehawks and 1LE's and IROCS outhandle the shit out of 4th gens and ss's.
Hmmm. Hard to say. They both are great looking cars, and both have huge amounts of potential(assuming you have 350 based engine in the 3rd Gen). I think they will be turn heads equally. I have seem some plain sick 3rd and 4th Gen F-bodies. I couldnt chose.

Obviously as a 3rd Gen owner I prefer them. But previous car was a 95 Z28 so I also love the 4th Gens.
almost anyone who's seen mad max as a kid owns a thirdgen. on looks the thidgen Is better but thats my opinion I was brought up to love the thirdgen.
in all honesty i absolutely hated 3rd gens... i thought they were the ugliest things ever but all i used to see when i was a kid was old shitty ones without the ground effects and slow as hell. then my good friend bought an 87 GTA and that started my obsession. seeing a nice 3rd gen in person really makes the difference. now i own a built for power 91 Z28 (deciding on my motor options). ive been in many 4th gens and i like them too but im slowly disliking them just because of the cramped engine bay really. i like to SEE my motor and all its nice accessories. i also really like the lines of the 3rd gens because they are unique and have that 80s-90 ferrari boxed look. i also think 3rd gens look more like a muscle car than the 4th gens cause those look like every other round bulky car on the especially. id still take an LS1 any day i mean who wouldnt and id take an LT1 as long as i put an RK Sport ground effect kit on it to make it look meaner oh and id put an LS1 in it cause thats what it should have. so if you havnt realized already, my vote goes to 3rd gen Camaros 87-92
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Chris 96 WS6 said:
There's no better looking F-body IMO than a red IROC-Z, period. I think the 3rd gen is a classic, the lines are so unique. The 4th is great but it lost a bit of its pinache.

Damn you took the words right out of my mouth. Although I like them better in black, but give me a black IROC or black 91Z...
I'm sorry to whoever I may offend here, but the 3rd gen to me is a bit mulletish. Give me a 4th gen any day of the week, even if it's an LT1.

Did I just type that????? LT1...........
Well I had a 91 GTA trans am and dont get me wrong I loved that car,but it doesnt compare to my 98
I wouldnt mind an 89 Turbo TA. A few bolts on here, turbo there, nice, big intercooler....... :D
most defenately. isn't the engine based on the GN engine?
Phoenix57 said:
most defenately. isn't the engine based on the GN engine?
I believe it is the same, but I could be mistaken. If it isnt the same, its really close.
camarogrrrl said:
i personally like the 4th gen when done up right they look wicked good and being a female id go for a guy in a 4th gen rather than in a 3rd gen lol
Oh I see how it is! :(
Mojave said:
I believe it is the same, but I could be mistaken. If it isnt the same, its really close.
Its exactly the same. 3.8L Turbo Buick. It was the fastest production car made in the US in 1989.
Chris 96 WS6 said:
Its exactly the same. 3.8L Turbo Buick. It was the fastest production car made in the US in 1989.
The heads are different. There was some sort of a clearance issue tha forced the used of FWD heads I think.
The 3rd gen maro has an ass ugly interior. Much too spartan for my taste. I always liked the GTA interiors. I'm iffy on the 4th gens' interiors. Haven't been in any long enough to have it grow on me yet.

The TTA motor did have different heads for clearance issues IIRC, but I think they were platform specific cast. Not sure on that though. Billy should pop in here and make mention, he might know.
ok i guess i have werid taste, red interior is ugly, i dont see what the big deal is about having an Iroc, i doesnt look any different from other camaros, unless im missing somthing, oh and i had a 3rd gen, the 87 5.0 H.O. one-tire-fire-from-hell

my opinion on the apperance of all F-bodys is this
1st gen - Camaro
2nd gen - Firebird
late 2nd gen - Both
3rd gen - Firebird
LT1 4th gen - Camaro
LS1 4th gen - Both

so if its between a 3rd and 4th gen camaro, id take the 4th gen
3rd gen without a doubt. I think the 4th gen camaros look like a geo storm on steriods.
LS1 guys- keep in mind that the fastest production f-body happens to be a 3rd gen int TTA form, and i also agree that a 3rd gen will out handle the 4th gen any day of the week

if i had to choose, i'd say 3rd gen, particularly a 92 Formula, with a LS1 and a T-56-best of both worlds
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