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3rd gen or 4th gen camaros

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which do u guys think looks better... im meaning like equally done up. cause one of my friends seems to think that no matter how done up my 4th gen camaro is that his 3rd gen camaro will win more car shows and looks from girls i beg to differ
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I have owned both, and I have to say the 3rd gen looks way better. The 4th gen is so pushed back and stretched out....Nose is too long, dash is too deep, engine is too far back in the cowl.

3rd gen with 315's out back poking out of the fenders....yeah...

And besides, 3rd gen do something none of the other ones do....TURN!

If you really have to have LT1/LS1 power, the swap is not that hard....I helped a buddy pull the 350 out of his 89 IROC just yesterday to make room for an LS1/T-56.
loudmouthzls1 said:
and by turn u mean handle ??? and on that id beg to differ

Why? 3rd gens are lighter, and have a better setup front suspension from the factory.

I used to auto-x a 92 B4C/1LE Camaro a 305, and I kept up with LT1/LS1 guys all day long. In fact, at the Southwest divisional just a few weeks ago, a 92 B4C beat me and another guy in his 02 Z28.
TheRoad64 said:
I really can't see how anyone could take a mullet over a 4th gen. Interior alone is enough for me. And yeah, the technology under the hood sucks in the mullet too.

Sure I know, no one is keeping it stock you say, but still. They just arent that great.

Plus you can't get a six speed in a mullet, and as far as handling is concerned, power should make the difference on most autox tracks between the generations. If someone is driving quicker in a 3rd gen, IMO its likely driver skill and grippy tires.
3rd gen handle better.

Horsepower means nothing at auto-x.

At Southwest Divisonal #2, LS1 (driven by Frank Bryan-finished 3rd at Nationals last year, and had top PAX at Divisional #1 for the entire event) lost to a 92 B4C/1LE 305 Camaro driven by Matt Miller. Both on Kumho V710's.
Also, 92 Firehawk came with ZF 6 speed.

There are so many ways to make power with a SBC, I wont even begin to get into it here.

You need to catch up with Mark Madarash and his 88 GTA that owns ESP, and tell him his car doesnt handle better than 4th gens.

Dont need horsepower to auto-x. Ever notice Miatas, with ~200 hp LESS than a Camaro, are in CS, a much faster class than FS?

Auto-x is ALL about handling and putting down what power you do have. LS1's have too soft front springs, too stiff rear springs, and wheel hop like a mofo.

A 305 3rd gen is MORE than a match for ANY stock 4th gen between the cones (and they are a lot cheaper to boot!)
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I wouldnt mind an 89 Turbo TA. A few bolts on here, turbo there, nice, big intercooler....... :D
Phoenix57 said:
most defenately. isn't the engine based on the GN engine?
I believe it is the same, but I could be mistaken. If it isnt the same, its really close.
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