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3rd gen or 4th gen camaros

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which do u guys think looks better... im meaning like equally done up. cause one of my friends seems to think that no matter how done up my 4th gen camaro is that his 3rd gen camaro will win more car shows and looks from girls i beg to differ
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I really can't see how anyone could take a mullet over a 4th gen. Interior alone is enough for me. And yeah, the technology under the hood sucks in the mullet too.

Sure I know, no one is keeping it stock you say, but still. They just arent that great.

Plus you can't get a six speed in a mullet, and as far as handling is concerned, power should make the difference on most autox tracks between the generations. If someone is driving quicker in a 3rd gen, IMO its likely driver skill and grippy tires.
Looks like you know your stuff about autocrossing fbods.
You rip out the nasty mullet interior for autox anyway :finger:

I am aware that Miatas are outstanding for road courses...but you won't see me in the nasty little weedwhacker.

I still like 4th gens better :cool:
1 - 2 of 62 Posts
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