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3rd gen or 4th gen camaros

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which do u guys think looks better... im meaning like equally done up. cause one of my friends seems to think that no matter how done up my 4th gen camaro is that his 3rd gen camaro will win more car shows and looks from girls i beg to differ
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There's no better looking F-body IMO than a red IROC-Z, period. I think the 3rd gen is a classic, the lines are so unique. The 4th is great but it lost a bit of its pinache.
Mojave said:
I believe it is the same, but I could be mistaken. If it isnt the same, its really close.
Its exactly the same. 3.8L Turbo Buick. It was the fastest production car made in the US in 1989.
SlowPurpleLT1 said:
my vote goes for 4th gen just because of the mullet denim jacket reputation that comes along with a 3rd gen
Give it another 10 years. 2nd gens were the mullet machines of the 90s.
LS13RDGEN said:
I am not some ******* mullet sporting, dip chewing deer molester...
And all this time I thought I knew who you were. :screwy:
LS13RDGEN said:
Well at least the "I'm no *******, mullet sporting, dip chewing part" was true. :eek: :cancan: :poke: :lol:
Good point. LOL
1 - 5 of 62 Posts
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