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3rd gen housing in a 4th gen

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i have a 96 firebird and im wanting to run a deeper rear wheel but i want to keep my disc brakes. i got a whole rearend out of a 92 camaro with drum brakes and was wondering if my brakes will work on the 3rd gen housing.
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i'm almost certain you'll need to modify the drum brake flange to accept the caliper mount in some way

i'd find a disc rear end if i were you, and just use the 3rd gen disc brakes. honestly i always liked the 3rd gen rear brakes more anyway, they're a real caliper instead of that totally oddball widget they stuck on the 4th gens.
im going to go with a 9 inch eventually just tryin to just buy rear wheels once and i got this rearend for free and just hate to put any money into a 10 bolt lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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