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Alright guys, it's official. The 3rd Annual Forced Induction Meet is set for Saturday, November 5th.

Time: 11am

Place: Hooters of Rockville
1471 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

We have reserved 80 spaces in the restaurant. If more show you'll have to sit in the public section or there are some backup restaurants if Hooters gets too crowded. If everyone who plans to come, posts up we can make adjustments more easily, like rope off more of the restaurant or whatever.

We will have our own hooters girls to pose for pictures. So if you're interested in that, and I know I am, then try and show up early to grab a good spot. Hooters is going to be advertising this event as well so we might see a good bit of foot traffic that will come to check out our rides.

It's important, or at least really helpful to me, for people to post up not only who is coming but of course, what you will be driving...

It's gonna be hard to group cars in any kind of logical order if everyone strolls in individually. So if you're cruising in caravans let's trade cell numbers so we can make room and coordinate things as best as possible.

I'm sure those that have attended the previous years can tell you this is a very relaxed and fun environment. The goal is to get Forced Induction tuners, drivers, and wrench turners together for a day of good times. Lot's of cars from all different manufacturers make it out for this one. I don't like to spoil all the fun, nor do I like to give away too many details about where we are headed after hooters, but rest assured there will be less driving than FI2.

That being said newbies should be prepared for the rush of 60+ Blown and Turbocharged cars riding shoulder to shoulder, back to back, and many times 3/4/5 wide. It's a fun cruise to say the least. If you want to know where we go or what we do when we get there show up or ask someone that's been to one of these before. No one is forced, taunted, encouraged, or even asked to do anything they aren't comfortable with. If your day of fun is just to cruise and chill then you will feel right at home. If you crave a little more excitement, we got you covered too.

So all I ask is for you to post up if you plan on coming. I'll post up more details from time to time. But all you really need for this event is posted at the top of this thread. If you have questions feel free to fire away.
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