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373's on a stock A4

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I have a BONE stock 97 Z28 A4 (2.73) and im seriously considering putting in 373's in her. I have two questions, first how would it affect my 1/4 mile time seeing that my best run is around 14.3 and how will it affect my gas milage? Just a 20 year old looking to take his first step into Fbodying lol.
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373's will really wake up your car. Not only will your 1/4 improve but you won't notice that much of a drop in mpg. 373's along with a nice stall will do your car wonders. I love these mods and the car is very drivable for everyday driving.
oh god i bought my car with 373s and after putting a stock one in it runs way slower, but im going to build mine to 410s as soon as im done with headgasket and have some extra cash, but youll love them
3.73 = love lol....and around town I still get 16 mpg
Looks like my mind is made haha, thanks guys :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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