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2nd opti and no start!!

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hi guys this is my second opti i bought a $100 one from ebay dident work figured just siad what the heck ill try it so than i went to advance auto parts and put the 230 one starts with a c not sure of the name (sorry if that doesnt help)... but anyhow they both do the same thing the oringal one had... it gets contast spark from coil to opti (i pulled wire out of opti and put it to ground)... so i figured the coil and icm is fine.. so now i took one of the spark plugs out fo the opti and started cranking the car and it was a very very weak spark.... was like this .....spark...... spark. was no contast at all. so now my head is spining.. the opti is geting spark from coil but opti is not sending a strong spark out.. the one thing left is the opti harness.. can that be the problem?
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first off your description was perfect :craz28: you were like la la la la lol

no no, on the serious note lol check the fire control module make sure the pins on the module are strait, i couldnt figure my car out for a week until my friend looked at that about to tear opti back off... if those pins are good you can have the FCM checked at oreilys unless the guy is remedial. you may just wanna buy one
make sure you coil wire is on properly it should snap twice when you put it on there
where is the fcm located? lol and thanks for your help!
My head is spinning, too. FCM? I think a new term was just made up. :D

I also don't know what "contast" is ??

OP, is your coil wire in good shape? Are you saying you have good, strong spark from the coil wire to the opti, but not good spark on the end of a spark plug wire? Have you tried more than one plug wire? The opti harness would have nothing to do with the strength of the spark.
ok so from the coil to the opti im getting a strong spark. what i did was i took the wire that goes into the opti from the coil and put it against ground and it had a strong spark so than i figured the coil was giving strong spark so than what i did was from the opti i unpluged a spark plug wire and put ground in front of the opti slot where the plug came off of and got a very week spark.. so now im thinking can it be a icm? would that control the spark even if the coil is giving off a strong spark?... the main problem here is im not getting a strong spark coming out of the opti
If you really have a strong spark going into the opti and not coming out, it could only be the cap or rotor.
It's my 2nd new one you really think it's going to be the opti again?

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There are stories out there where people have gone thru more than 2 optis,so yes it is possible. I think you are making a mistake purchasing
anything but a Delco, Delphi or MSD. opti. And Shoe, I think contast,really means contact. Todays schools drive me crazy, I was trying to explain to a young guy at an Auto parts store about being able to figure the total length of a piece of tubing by measuring the diameter and using the pi 3.14 formula and he said to me , Mr. I never had those really high level
math coarses in high school!!!!!! ed :craz28:
Ahahahahaha, Ed, that's quite sad, the same stories i can tell about Russian education, when young guys are asked who had killed Pushkin, they answer Lermontov...guys they lived in different times-200years difference.:) Sorry for the offtopic conversation.
It's my 2nd new one you really think it's going to be the opti again?

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I am only telling you what I think, based on what you are saying. If what you are saying is not accurate, then it might be something else.
It's a gamble with cheap optis.
I got 2 brand new optis that arrived DOA.
The next opti ran good for maybe 30 mins and started going out. So me figures 3 brand new bad optis in a row.
But, I know that a $49 opti from Ebay has ran for over 19k miles...

GM has abandoned the opti.
If you find a place that sells genuine AC Delco optispark and is new, just go figure it is a scam.
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