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2008 Saturn ION pictures

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Big improvment in and out.

Could Saturn be the next Cadillac in terms of total image turn around?

Between the Sky, the Aura, and now the ION.... they are doing a complete 180* as far as I am concerned.

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Looks more Cobalt-ish...meh
i like it. if i was in the market for a commuter car it might be either a colbalt or something like that. however i would not buy a commuter car, ill get a bike way b4 id do that
I would own a Sky....would be sweet in British Racing Green with a camel colored top.
Good. They put the gages where they belong. I hate the center mounts. Only thing deterring me from an ION. Lots of changes from my 97. I loved that car. Now my brother has a 99. Time to mess with that one now.
If that is whats it's going to look like then i'm all for it. With the gas prices I could go for one as a daily driver.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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