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Sad to say we are going to sell our project car. It is my personal car and we never completed the project. I am selliing it to phocus on more in stock items. Nothing has been run, everything is brand new.
The car includes:

-408/LS2 Stroker (Eagle Crank, Eagle Rods, Diamond Pistons, 1/2" Head Studs, Comp Cam, & O-ringed block). It still needs heads and an intake.

-BMR (K-Member, Upper & Lower Control arms, Panhard Rod , LCA's, & Extreme Duty Torque Arm).

-QA1 (Full Package Front 12 way Adj Shocks, Coils, & Rear 12 Way Shocks).

-Ford 9" (31 Spline, Locker, 4.10 Gears, 4 Channel ABS)

-10 Point Roll Cage

The car has been lightened for drag racing. All the AC has been pulled out of it. It needs a transmission, seats, and a light weight carpet kit. Everything else i beleive i have. We have over 2000.00 just in machine work on the motor. Almost everything has been upgraded and replaced. It just needs to be completed. The car originaly has about 40,000 miles on it. It doesnt have one mile on the upgraded Chassis.

Asking 20,000 for everything
It needs about 5,000 to finish everything for a complete new race car.


Any other questions feel free to give me a call.
Sean (559)348-0200
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