I'm selling my '98 V6 5-speed Camaro. The motor runs strong with no leaks, smoke, lights, etc. The transmission is an issue and will need to be either rebuilt or swapped out. I do have another trans that I'm selling with the car from an '83 V6 5-speed Camaro. The speedo isn't working currently as the trans extension housing from the older trans was swapped out already. Depending on rather the buyer chooses to rebuild or replace would dictate what fixes are needed for the speedo adaptor wise. The security light stays on but the car starts with no issues. The A/C works with the compressor and orifice tube having been replaced last July. The car is drive able as is and can be test driven. Personally, knowing it's quirks with the tranny, I can drive it anywhere. As you can see from the pics, it definitely needs paint work. It has a nice JVC double din radio with bluetooth for hands free calling and the speakers are good. The floors have all been covered with kilmat sound dampening. It's got cruise control and power locks, but manual windows. It's on C6 corvette wheels with good tires. There's no rust on the car as it's never been up north.

I'm selling the car because I recently acquired a 2000 SS that needs a lot of work. I would like to keep both cars and fix them up, but I can't afford to do both. I'm happy to show the car and I've got flexibility as I work from home. I've also got more pics if you want to see them. Let me know if there's any questions.