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Hello all,
My name is Dean Rogers. I am new to 4th gen.
I am trying to get educated on several aspects of the aforementioned car.
I have several questions / requests
So thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share
1. If you have an SS car but did NOT get the SLP floor mats. What mats should the car have? I assume mats that have the 30 year logo embroidered into it? If so, I would like to buy a set. I see a few options on eBay etc. but they all seem to have different logo locations. Can anyone share a picture of the two factory mats? If I opt to buy SS mats, can someone provide some pics of an original set so I don’t buy a bad repo set.
2. I have noticed some cars for sale that include a white bag with CAMARO on the front of it. Is that bag original from factory or SLP? If so, what is in the bag??
3. Does the original keyless entry remote have 3 or 4 button remote? Does the trunk release have a x2 on it? Anyone provide a pic? Again don’t want to buy the wrong one.
4. I have the SLP report showing the build# but it does not have the 30 year Anniversary build # like others I see online. SVE tells me they can’t get that info now. Any ideas on who to contact or How I could get that #?
That’s enough to get me started lol. Thanks again for any help you could provide.

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Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the slp cars to answer your question. I imagine there are forums that are dedicated to the slp cars. You might want to search for them.
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