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1997 lt1 t/a exhaust ?

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Hello, I have. 97 trans am lt1 with cat back exhaust with magnaflow muffler, I want it louder but don't want to put dumb o2's in and cut the cats off. I want to do an off road y pipe, maybe 3 in, or 3.5in y pipe, just wondering what would sound decent and be loud
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so much of your sound comes from your manifolds/headers

get headers and an offroad y-pipe, and tune out your rear o2s

longtubes and that magnaflow catback with no cat will probably be loud enough for you
one more thing.. most of the time smaller pipe is louder, bigger pipe is deeper. and bigger isnt always better, 3.5" exhaust is pushing it, you'll lose torque
Ok thank u for the info, I was going to do stock 2.75 exhaust into a 3 or 3.5 y
Ya id do headers and a y pipe i got a set of pace setter headers no cats and a borla catback i to have a 97 TA and it sounds freak nasty not to loud but the cam also helps it sound so nasty. I like my pacesetters their reasonably priced and look good with the ceramic coating
You would have to remove the cats to install an offroad Y lol. After hearing a friend of mines LT1 swapped v6 Camaro with pacesetter LTs, Y, and a flowtech afterburner muffler, thats the route I'm going.
So maybe just go with headers, no catts and leave my magnaflow muffler
Ya if u can romove the cats i would were i live we dont have that echeck bullshit. So their are no cats on my car. They do rob alittle power
K, in mn we don't have that shit ether, but I have heard the 96 and 97 lt1's can throw codes having no cats. But there is a trick by using o2 non fowlers
Not sure what the trick is id dump the cats i head all that done when they did my heads cam and all the other goodies. I no he put a different o2 sensor on. And as far as codes it dont hurt a thing my check engine light is on which is an eyesore i took it to my buddys shop to hook it to his computer it said o2 sensors go figure but when u start changin all that stuff that can happen. Ull be suprised how heavy ur factory pipe is that connects to ur manifolds And after u remove that u might as well ditch the smog pump i did i ebayed mine. Ull b suprised when u see how restrictive your manifolds r vs headers and a y pipe
Plus im sure takin all the uneeded crap off it lightness up the rid alittle. I couldnt believe how much the pipe with the cats on it weighed it was more than both my heads put together id say at least 75lbs if not more
How hard is the smog pump to remove
Look simple enough, thank u
I was gona say not to bad unclip a few wires and i think 4 bolts and shes out
Seemed like my smog pump was alot bigger than the one in the video
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