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. For example I know for a fact that the engine in my 1LE has solid lifters with roller rockers, like the LT4. therefore it may have the cam from the LT4 also.
The lt4 had hydraulic lifters as mentioned. Solid lifters are old school and a PITA. I highly doubt GM would just throw a LT4 cam in an LT1 and leave the stock intake manifold and heads.
Regardless, good luck selling your car.

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I think there is a little confusion. You certainly can and probably do have roller rockers. You do not have solid roller lifters. These are two different parts. You never did say anything about having an lt4, there was some confusion between all of the posts I suppose. You would have to pull off the oil pan to confirm 4 bolt mains which from what most seem to agree, only came on lt4 motors from GM. I know nothing about the gas tank but could see a larger tank being available exclusively for the 1LE's. You have a nice, rare car and are entitled to ask whatever price you would like.

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Good evening Robert, I've read your post regarding your 1LE and thought that I might be able to help. I have a motor out of a 1997 Pontiac 1LE. I don't know much about the motors other than the production numbers of the vehicles. When I get a spare moment I am going to pull the oil pan off just to have a look to see if it is a 2 bolt or 4 bolt crank. The motor that I have has never been apart so this will put all of your questions and answers and everyone else's to rest. :):) Kelvin

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It is a 4 bolt main block and has stuff done to engine on top of Balanced and blue printing .
By The race team at Pontiac I dont think it was SLP.
There is a video on it .
I watched it
But have not been able to find it .
The solid race lifters youd have to adjust all the time .
so doubtfull
The forged components are there you are listening to them during warm up.
Its a decked block to say the least .
there is a trans am with a faster than lt4 lt1
and a faster lt4 than normal lt4
Ive watched stuff on both of them

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and actually slp lies because their supersports were advertized as Ballanced and blue printed
meaning block decked to race car spec bores aligned perfectly
a forged ballanced rotating system
port matched every thing
To maximum tollerances
When pontiac says they did it They realy did it
the pontiac olds hurst guys are involved
I keep finding 4.0200 stock bores
and piston 20 over
pistons that go to top of blocks
a lt1 in this configuration is going to run 350 -400 hp
even on old 1st gens
Where gm was governed by head compression hp
they run amuck with tork piston size decking after the fact
Nobody ever measures old stock pistons or bores but I do
Watch the tork head comercial lol
I decked and bored my block put torkhead on and got 350 hp lol
I usure you it had nothing to do with tork head

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Heres 1 of them fr
  • Lingenfelter Hurst Special Edition Formula (1997-1998) (This car was born out of a special deal between Pontiac and the venerable Hurst Co. Hurst has been a part of the Muscle Car and Sports Car market for a long time. They provided shifters to several of Pontiacs cars throughout the 60s and 70s and also provided the T-Tops for the '76 and '77 Trans Ams. These cars were limited editions and an order-only car. The Hurst Firebird received a special black and gold paint job, a set of Hurst decals, gold anodized rims, and a host of engine and suspension upgrades. Lingenfelter took a black Firebird Formula with the WS6 Ram Air package and added a 58mm throttle body, LPE intake manifold, LPE CNC ported LT4 heads with hardened pushrods and guideplates, Competition Cams 1.6:1 roller rocker arms and heavy duty dual valve springs with titanium retainers, aluminum driveshaft, Hurst shifter, shorty headers and Borla cat-back exhaust. Power was set at 350 HP. The exterior has a wide gold stripe running the length of the car with Lingenfelter Hurst/Firebird decals and ground effects package. The custom graphics package was made by Kay Automotive Graphics. Inside, the head rests and floor mats we embroidered with logos and the car came with a dash plaque, alarm, and custom car cover. The price tag was $44,458 in 1997, and in 1998 it was $45,745 (the LPE additions cost $18,595 of that total vehicle price).)

om Firebird nation stll looking for other and videos i watched

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i ran across this list and it seemed pretty detailed as well as an interesting read. i didnt see a thread with as much info on it. if it is a repost, feel free to delete. source - acw.

Main factory models:
  • Firebird (base, V6) (1967-2002)
  • Sprint (1967-1969)
  • Esprit (1970-1981)
  • Formula (1970-1981, 1987-2002)
  • Firebird SE (1982-1986)
  • Trans Am (1969-2002)
GM special packages: early engine-focused
  • Firebird 326 (1967-1969)
  • Firebird HO (1967-1969)
  • Firebird 400 (1967-1968)
  • Formula SD-455 and Trans Am SD-455 (1973-1974)
GM special packages: black/gold
  • Pontiac 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Trans Am (1976) (black with gold accents)
  • Black Special Edition Trans Am (1977-1981) (black with gold accents)
  • Gold Special Edition Trans Am (1978) (gold with brown accents)
GM special packages: 'LadyBirds'
  • "SkyBird" Special Edition Firebird Esprit (1977-1978) (blue)
  • "RedBird" Special Edition Firebird Esprit (1978-1979) (red)
  • "YellowBird" Special Edition Firebird Esprit (1980) (yellow)
GM special packages: sport packages
  • Recaro Special Edition Trans Am (1982-1984)
  • Firebird SSA / XS (1989)
  • Trans Am GTA (1987-1992)
  • Notchback Trans Am GTA (1988)
  • Trans Am GT (1994)
  • Firebird SCE (Southern California Edition) (1994)
  • Firebird Sport Appearance Package (1997-2002)
  • Formula WS6 and Trans Am WS6 (1970.5-1995)
  • Formula WS6 Ram Air (1996-2000) and Trans Am WS6 Ram Air (1996-2002)
  • Formula 1LE (1991-1999), Trans Am 1LE (1988-1999), Firehawk Trans Am 1LE (2001-2002)
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