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1996 trans am ws6 muffler

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Need dimensions so I can pick an aftermarket muffler but keep the same piping for stock catback if anyone has measurements it would help alot I would measure myself but I'm stationed in Japan and my car is in SC

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I have LT coated headers and a ypipe but just looking for a bit more sound and if I'm correct the muffler is the choke point for most exhaust so it would be nice to free up a little bit of flow. Want a full catback but its not in the budget right now according to the wife so the I at least talked her in to the muffler
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Flowmaster 2 or 3 chamber sounds clean but not to radical to me. All depends on how much attention you want to grab when you get on it.
Flowmaster 2 or 3 chamber sounds clean but not to radical to me. All depends on how much attention you want to grab when you get on it.
ALL OF THE ATTENTION. Small town no worries with cops. But just need to know what dimensions the stock one is so I can find a replacement to fit. Thinking either magnaflow or borla not sure yet.
i don't know the measurements but i used a magnaflow 12267 and they just had to extend the exhaust pipe coming out from the driver's side of the muffler to line up the tips in the right place. the muffler is probably 3-4 inches shorter than the stock one was.

here's a few pics of it right after install.

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Blk95ta how did it sound after everything was said and over with
Sounds good. Not too loud but has a deeper tone than stock. Heres a vid of it. Everything on my exhaust is stock except the muffler.

Way back when, I used to run an Edelbrock muffler. Sound was great, nice and mellow. Don't know if they still make them or not but it slipped right in without modification.
Hmmmm may have to look into that as well I found a great video of a 95 t/a with the magnaflow and oh dear God it sounded nice but I still want loud like slp lm1 loud but less rasp
Which do you care more about, being noisy, or good flow?

They don't necessarily come together. In fact, unless you're talking about a straight pipe, "noisy" mufflers are often more restrictive than quieter ones. The old Cherry Bomb glass packs are terrible for flow, but make a lot of noise. They still prey on the gullible who think "loud" = "powerful".

"Cross flow" mufflers (like the factory used) are inherently more restrictive than single in/single out mufflers. Almost any aftermarket single 3" in/out muffler will flow better than the typically-available cross flow mufflers. Since you were asking about dimensions, something tells me you wouldn't be interested in getting a single 3" tailpipe fabricated, even if it yielded better performance.

Personally, I'm not interested in loud. It has all negative effects and no positive ones. I'll take a good flowing, quiet muffler to any loud one, any day.

But, it's your car, and your money.

So, which do you really want?
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