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1996 LT1 Confused on Exhaust Choice

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My dad had a 2001 SS LS1 Camaro with SLP Loudmouth I on a stock manifolds and cats. I have a 1996 Supercharged with SLP Shorties and Hi-Flow Cats.

I loved the sound of his car and want that. He said that with the shorties, LT1, and supercharger, the loudmouths will sound raspy.

We both love loud, strong, mean exhausts. Please help with any advice on an exhaust selection. Just trying to stay away from the rasp.

I appreciate any input... and remember I want it to wake the neighbors, don't care about drone but I don't want rasp.


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This is an easy choice.. X pipe into duals with bullet mufflers dumped at the axle. A y pipe setup will always have rasp, though I have read the Magnaflow merge collector on a Y pipe greatly reduces the rasp.
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