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1995 vs 1995 battle of the T/A's

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My buddy just got a 1995 m6 same as mine accept its black he has similar bolt on's as me (cai, muffler, pcm tune to match) plus he has headers. We both have nitto nt555's mine are 315's his are 275's. I haven't got to line up with him yet, driver mod is about the same level. He was talking about a cam and all the goodies to go with it I think he says it was hot cam.

My question is if I can go the suspension route first and out launch him. And still be ahead at the end of the run.

I enjoy auto-x more than straight up drag racing. So I would like to upgrade my suspension before adding power. The car pushes a lot in corners until I induce wheel spin. I would like sway bars, a pan hard bar and some lower control arms.

I am talking 1/4 mile.

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how old are you?
21 just wondering how much 60 foot times have to do with the et

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