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1995 trans am cold start issue.

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this happens sometimes on cold startups (car temp, not air temp, it's 75ish outside right now)
if it doesn't start normally, it will either stall like you see in the video, or it will start and act like it's misfiring on one cylinder (backfires a bit and acts like it's not getting enough gas?) if it does the misfiring bit 99% of the time if i shut it down and restart it, it's fine. also most of the time unless its cold out (50-60 deg like last week) it would stall out 2-3 times before it started. does this sound like a fuel pump problem? the car has 141k on the original pump FWIW.
i meant to say if i shut it down and restart it after it runs rough, that it runs fine after that.
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The only way to rule out fuel pressure issues is with a test gauge. Good or bad, it will give you a direction to go (or not go).
Fuel pump could be a possibility but if u ever drive it hard as in WOT does it try and bog down or take off running like it should?
Have u done a tune up lately? I know it may sound dumb but a bad or worn spark plug could cause misfire and also hard start up and rough idle.
Your opti spark could possibly be a problem here as well.
What is ur fuel pressure reading?
Also run it for codes with a scanner. Some things dont show up on the dash.
havent checked FP but it does not bog at WOT.

spark plugs and wires have about 41k on them. ngk lridium plugs and msd wires. cap and rotor are msd and have approx 35k. the opti itself i believe was changed at around 75k mi so it has approx 66k on it. fuel pump is original with 141k
Then i would start at the fuel pump. Test your Fuel pressure or just replace it anyways.
When my fuel pump went bad the car bogged at WOT and would die at idle unless i kept my foot on the gas and also would have ALOT of trouble starting.
And an opti with 75k is almost in need of a new one. You can see some of the guys on here saying that at 90-100k Its time to switch the opti or take it off and check it for oil, antifreeze take your time and clean it and dont bend any of the plates "Its the kiss of death" so to speak.

If you can get it to start again, Try and go to your local, Oreilly, Advance auto, Or auto zone and have them run it for codes. "If you dont have a code scanner yourself.
And on another note, NOT to start a whole other thread, Ive heard some bad things about MSD, Summit, and Japanese knock off opti's. Not trying to say they are all bad. But the best way to go IMHO is with a GM opti.

Once again, NOT trying to start an argument with anyone over the best opti
the car is perfectly driveable (well its got no steering wheel at the moment cause i just removed it as om getting one from a low mileage car via UPS tomorrow)

it usually starts up and dies then is fine on second restart.

as for the opti. its an oem unit. only the cap and rotor are msd.
Okay, So i just watched your video again and Im thinking fuel pump is a possibility and also a dirty fuel injector. Could be the solution to the backfire/missfire.
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