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1995 Camaro Z28 LT1 T56 T-56 FOR SALE

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Well, after talking with people in the trans business, I've decided to sell the trans that came with the car I'm parting out. Turns out what I really need is an LS1 transmission for my project.

So I'm selling this one. Car is a 1995 Camaro Z28 and has 98K miles. The guy I bouht the car from spun a rod bearing, dismantled half the car/engine, then had no idea how to put it all back together. When I talked with him about the trans and how I was just going to send if off to Tick for a Level 2 rebuild, he told me that the transmission shifted fine and had no problem popping out of gear, which I guess can be a problem with these things.

For the transmission, bellhousing, clutch fork, and B&M shifter, $1400. Heck, I'll even throw in the center console as it's not in the best shape for selling to someone else along with the shifter boot and tunnel rubber seal. I'll be taking it out of the car this weekend.
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