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This posting is in regards to my '94 T/A. It is the 25th Anniversary Edition, build # 1202. 2000 total were built. This is located in Concord, CA.


- 5.7L V8 (45k on it)
- Automatic Transmission (70k on it)
- 4.10 Posi rear (old rear died, so this is a new one - 3k on it)
- New suspension (Rear shocks brand new, springs/front struts 45k, new poly bushings)
- Dynomax bullet muffler exhaust
- Subframe connectors (stiffened up the car a LOT)
- New Nitto NT450 tires (60% front, 80% rear)
- New brakes (Including brand new, unturned rotors)
- New optispark distributor ($800 job from most shops)
- New waterpump
- New tips
- New ICM
- COMPLETE tune-up less than 5000 miles ago (all filters/plugs/wires/coil/every fluid, etc.)
- All oil changes on time

The car has a few rattles (wouldn't be an F-body without them) and the T-tops do NOT leak. The paint is very nice, except for the rear bumper which has some cracks on it. I've always kept the car clean and waxed.

The 25th Anniversary T/A came with a few special options:

- Bright Blue centerline stripe
- Anniversary logos and door badge
- Lightweight 16" aluminum wheels in Bright White
- White Prado leather seating surfaces with blue embroidery

She also has every luxury option:

- Power Windows
- Power Locks
- Power Seats
- Power Mirrors
- Rear Defrost
- T-tops
- Cruise Control
- Steering wheel radio controls (Doesn't work right now, but can be made to work since I have an aftermarket deck)
- Performance Transmission Option (makes it shift firmer and faster - one year only option and only on T/As I believe)
- Perfectly working A/C

The car also came with the 10 speaker premium bose system. I have replaced all four speakers with infinities, it has all four stock tweeters (worked fine why replace them) and those are all amped on the stock bose amp. There is a hyper acoustic amp in the back powering a single 10" sub in the hatch. There is a space for two midbass subs or two 6x9s (with a little modification) in the sail panels. These are empty right now since I'd need another amp to put mids in there. So all total it has 4 regular speakers, 4 tweeters and a 10" sub. Has space for two more speakers/mids. The deck is a pioneer supertuner 3 with MP3 capability.

The car was never beat on, just lovingly driven. It was taken to the racetrack one time, and trapped 100mph with just a catback. Full timeslip read [email protected] with a 2.2 60ft - on street tires. It holds EXCELLENT oil pressure. I'm selling her because I'd like another thirdgen camaro. I really don't want to part with her but a thirdgen is my true love.

I'm asking $6,200 OBO - it NADA collector books at much, much higher in it's condition. I may also be interested in a trade for your low mileage 85-90 IROC-Z Camaro or 91/92 Z28 Camaro AND cash - I.E. You give me your Thirdgen and a few thousand and you get my car.

The mileage on the car is slightly confusing. The car itself has 170k on the body. She's been daily driven for many years. Doesn't show it at all though.

The motor has 45k, having been rebuilt by the previous owner. I can get proof of this as well since I know where he lives. The tranny has been replaced as well and has about 70k. The rear end is brand new with about 3k on it.

Notable problems with the car:

- The turn signal switch is broken. I have already bought the replacement $90 peice and will be included with the sale.

- The window motors are getting sluggish and occasionally stick.

- The driver's side seat bolster has a rip in it. I was quoted $100 from a local shop to recover it.

Also please be aware that the pictures below are all of my car. Also, the passenger side headlight appears to be unaligned in the pics. It has since been corrected and is perfectly straight.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions at all or would like to see the car. You can also call me at (925) 348-3667. I'm available any day, but please don't call later than 10 PM. Thanks for looking!


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Well I have ALOT of questions because I used to own a 25th.

Has it been wrecked?

Have you had the speedometer and odometer calibrated with the 4.10 gears?

Do you have any warranty information (or just paperwork) on the engine or trans?

Are you the second owner of the car? Third?

Does the lumbar work?
Is the stripe on the car starting to fade or anything?

Has the car been repainted, if so, where?

Also, do you have the factory catalyc convertor?

Is it gutted or anything like that?

Does the car pass inspection? If not, why?

Any cracks in the windshield?

What works what doesn't (besides the radio buttons on the steering wheel)?

Have the airbags been deployed?

Do you have the original owners manual?

Is the front end aligned? If not, any noticable wear on the tires show that?

Are the bearings on the front hubs shot?

Is the MAF ported?

Also, I would like to see some pictures of the inside of the car (doors, seats, console, gauge cluster, back seats, back hatch, truck, etc.) along with engine pics. The last 25th I bought had missing pieces in the front fascia under the car. Could I possibly get pics of that too?

Sorry for all of the questions, I am just thinking of everything I replaced/worked on, on my other car.


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