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Hi, I have a 1994 Corvette LT1 and it is having a hard time with cold starts. Basically I have to crank the car for a few minutes and then it starts and once it starts and warms up the car will start on the 1st crank with no issues. I'm not a professional mechanic so I'm not expert. I'm thinking it's the TPS sensor because the TPS error scans out. I hooked the scanner to the car and the TPS sensor read .04 without touching the gas pedal and it is supposed to read 4.5 at WOT and it didn't, as you will see on the video and once the car was running it .02 and did not move while revving the car. I'm not sure if I was checking the TPS sensor correctly. After watching the video and you have some ideas/input I will be glad to hear any opinions or help. Thanks in advance.

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