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Hello hope your having a good day...

I have installed headers on my 1994 Lt1 z28 and removed the egr hookup and Installed the delete plate and hose delete caps, The air pump is still connected. The computer is throwing a code and I understand why because it cant read the egr.

From what I've reasearched to fix this so far is:

-Tune the ECU obd1 and remove the egr somehow? Several shops have tried to program it out but its old and outdated to there modern obd2 style im told on a dyno
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, I've attempted the chip (power control module), which has failed, where do I get my ecu properly custom tuned for a old obd1 style (1994)?

-install o2 sensor simulators?

-remove the entire air pump assembly?

Is this accurate?

Computer number
Going left to right 898KNCK040035895

Thanks again for any of your time, super grateful.

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