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1994 caprice 4.3L V8 swap to 5.7L V8? What is needed?

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This is my first post on this forum but i see that this forum is very helpful so hopefully you guys can help me with the questions i have.

I have a 1994 caprice 4.3L engine and i ripped it out and plan on putting the 5.7L engine in it. Before i purchase the 5.7L my questions are will it fit perfectly and what needs to be changed?

1.) will the 5.7L engine bolt right up to the current mounts?
2.) Is the 4.3L intake manifold the same as the 5.7L?
3.) will the 4.3L exhaust manifold bolt up to the 5.7L engine?
4.) does the 4.3L have the same tranny as the 5.7L?

I have done much research on the web and this is all i came up with
* need to flash the ecu
* bigger injectors for the 5.7 versus 4.3
* the wiring harnesses are the same
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1) yes
2) don't know
3) probably
4) yes, kind of. It's the same basic trans, the 4l60E, but the 4.3 might be built lighter duty than a 5.7 trans.
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