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1992 Corvette LT1 starter

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I just bought a rebuilt starter for my Roady, it is from a 1992 Corvette
with an LT1 motor,does any one know if these mini starters with a gear reduction system were built by Nippon Denso, I thought they would be built by GM Delco,but in todays world many things have changed ! ed
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I am not sure how far back in years a "corvette" starter will work on LT1 but do know if you go to a auto part store and ask for a 96 vette starter it is a gear reduction starter and will work on LT1. Search your part # and see if it goes up to the 93-96 years on vettes as 93-96 they used the LT1

Mine is not a "AC Delco" and suspect it is a Nippon Denso. The vette starter is cheaper than a replacement starter for the 94-96 B-Body LT1 cars also.
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