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1.6 comp roller rockers, now valve covers are too short.

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My build continues. Engine is in.. one header in... Install continues... I went to now install the valve covers and of course they are too short. The retainers are obviously taller causing this issue.. any have ideas in what new valve covers will work well.
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Are you sure it is the retainers and not the width of the rockers? Pro and Ultra Pro Magnums require some side clearancing of stock valve covers.
My Ultras required valve clearancing in the web. Also the top of the poly lock nut was hitting the VC causing some noise, so I had to punch out 8 small spots on each VC, not really visible from the outside unless your looking for it.. Though now that the webbing is half gone, my VCs leak a little.. Going to be getting aftermarket VCs soon (something I think I should have just gone with in the first place to be honest.).
After more measuring and reinspection. Deffinately rocker width. So ill cut out that part of the webbing. Wonder if ill run into the locknut and leak probs to.. My guess is I likely will cuz when I measure its tight.. if you end up going with taller covers lemme know what ya get.. only ones I found Were on summit for 200. And no idea how much taller they are . If they are to tall they'll hit My dside header.. got the funky pacesetters.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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