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  1. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    I have a 1994 z28 and everything works fine except for after 1-5 minutes on the road after a cold start, it will, seemingly, misfire. I have no idea what could cause this. We have been having some electrical issues with the throttle body so maybe it's an air issue? We just replaced the egr valve...
  2. Automatic Transmissions | Torque Converters
    hay everyone, I have a pontiac firebird 94 with lt1 after a several trans rebuilds i decided to swap the 4L60e to 4L80e the trans that i got have 2 speed sensors and i didn’t know how to connect them, on the ECU i got red, black, gray and blue connectors Someone can help me with that?
1-2 of 2 Results