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  1. PCM tuning & Computer Diagnostics
    Hello! So I'm currently taking my 93 firebird and have swapped in a 94 pcm and harness (along with a year matched transmission) everythings all wired up and when I went to plug into the obd port and connect to it with Ehack. it wouldn't connect. Any ideas on why it wouldn't? If anyone who's...
  2. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    Hey all, I bought a ‘95 formula 6mt a while back and have recently developed a very pronounced missfire. I scanned the car with a snapon scanner from school (works for the ‘95 weird obd situation btw) and returned code 32 (egr system problem) and code 58 (transmission fluid temperature circuit...
1-2 of 2 Results