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    So im having an issue trying to install LT's on my 94 firebird. the driverside is bolted in with no issues meanwhile on the pasenger side i cant seem to get the headers bolted in without the motor mount blocking the headers from being able to touch the heads. ive tried with the engine jacked up...
  2. 95 formula nightmare

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    So I recently bought a 95 formula, it needed a tune up. So I put plugs, and new wires. I still had the same issue. I changed the optispark. Well then I had a crank no start it was ignition cont. mod. It’s alive again, but since then it hasn’t been right I’ve tried a lot I put a new fuel filter...
  3. LT1 & LS1 F-Body Eibach Springs From $224.99

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    Lower your LS1 or LT1 Camaro or Firebird with these Eibach Lowering Springs, or go drag racing with your LT1 F-Body with there Drag Launch springs. Eibach Drag Launch Kit; 1993-97 LT1 Camaro / Firebird - Sale Price $234.99 Eibach Pro-Kit...