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  1. 4th Gen F-Body
    i got a 2001 firebird with the original radio and the radio only seems to pick up AM signals whenever i tune to FM signal is very weak and volume doesn’t go past like 5 percent, any ideas what’s wrong ?
  2. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    I have a 93 firebird with a pcm of the matching year that I am currently rebuilding from the ground up. The engine is out and I need a new transmission anyway so I think It would be a good idea to change the, arguably, annoying chip pcm to a 95 Pcm out of a camero. What all would I have to do to...
  3. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    To be clear, it's started perfectly fine every single day since I've had it. No problems at all. Now, when I got in this morning, I opened the door, the auto lights turned on, door sound going off, I put the key in, door sound sped up cause the key is in, I turn it to the full battery position...
  4. PCM tuning & Computer Diagnostics
    I have a 93 firebird which is the year the computers have a chip computer which I've heard are terrible for tuning and I am going to do some fun things to the car so should I swap the computer and what too? TYIA!
  5. 4th Gen F-Body
    I went through a bit of work to find a horn set that would fit the 1998 Trans Am without requiring the wiring harness to be cut FYI (my old high tone was dead, and the low tone was going out). Just to save everyone else the effort, the AC-DELCO 84501930 (from the 2008-2014 Cadillac Escalade /...
  6. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    So im having an issue trying to install LT's on my 94 firebird. the driverside is bolted in with no issues meanwhile on the pasenger side i cant seem to get the headers bolted in without the motor mount blocking the headers from being able to touch the heads. ive tried with the engine jacked up...
  7. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    So I recently bought a 95 formula, it needed a tune up. So I put plugs, and new wires. I still had the same issue. I changed the optispark. Well then I had a crank no start it was ignition cont. mod. It’s alive again, but since then it hasn’t been right I’ve tried a lot I put a new fuel filter...
  8. Vendor Deals
    Lower your LS1 or LT1 Camaro or Firebird with these Eibach Lowering Springs, or go drag racing with your LT1 F-Body with there Drag Launch springs. Eibach Drag Launch Kit; 1993-97 LT1 Camaro / Firebird - Sale Price $234.99 Eibach Pro-Kit...
1-8 of 8 Results