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  1. 4th Gen F-Body
    Hello everyone, as my first post i have a pretty significat problem i need some advice on. I have a 97 camaro 3800 with the 5 speed manual i took over for a project car. Long story short ive brougjt it back to life and have drove it all summer. Midway through summer i started having minor issues...
  2. Automatic Transmissions | Torque Converters
    so i have a 1995 chevy Camaro z28 lt1 5.7L with a 4l60e attached to it. tranny went out, well i drove the clutch rings into the pan basically...... so i had a friend who sold me his 4l60e and upon receiving transmission i went ahead and check the sticker out which was like " 7CJD" found out its...
1-2 of 2 Results