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  1. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    I have a 93 firebird with a pcm of the matching year that I am currently rebuilding from the ground up. The engine is out and I need a new transmission anyway so I think It would be a good idea to change the, arguably, annoying chip pcm to a 95 Pcm out of a camero. What all would I have to do to...
  2. PCM tuning & Computer Diagnostics
    I have a 12pin OBD1 ALDL cable hooked to my 1994 z28 M6. I literally just today read my base tune and have been looking at it and comparing it to some other free tunes ive found around the web. I have Pace setter long tubes , 1.6 RR and a cold air intake so ive been looking for a tune that fits...
1-2 of 2 Results