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  1. General Tech
    Hey Im working on my 97 trans aml t1 and I am looking to put new headers and a cam in it. I'm not sure what cam I want to put in it. I want something more aggressive than stock but not something crazy. I'm still in high school so I cant dump to much money into it besides a cam and headers. I...
  2. General Tech
    I would like to put an aftermarket cam in my 97 trans am. I want something I can cruse with but also pull some horsepower.
  3. LT1 | LT4 | L99 Engine Tech
    Im currently taking apart my engine, i want to swap out the oem cam for a performance one. Im gonna get a new oil pump also and maybe change the opti spark on it. Do yall have any advice for installing the new cam and rockers ? Cuz i heard that theirs a procedure for the rockers. Im new to...
  4. 4th Gen F-Body
    I want to do tb, heads, springs, rr, and cam what do yall recommend? it is a daily driver but im looking for low 400s hp range, but i also want it to sh** and get
  5. General Tech
    I have a spline drive lt1 and need a adjustable timing set and I'm planning on using two timing set a roller cam gear with the distributor drive and a adjustable crank gear is this possible
1-5 of 5 Results