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  1. Automatic Transmissions | Torque Converters
    so i have a 1995 chevy Camaro z28 lt1 5.7L with a 4l60e attached to it. tranny went out, well i drove the clutch rings into the pan basically...... so i had a friend who sold me his 4l60e and upon receiving transmission i went ahead and check the sticker out which was like " 7CJD" found out its...
  2. General Tech
    I have a 700r4? with this stamp on the body above pan (0KCM054B) can someone decode this i cant find anything on it, not in original vehicle.16 bolts
  3. PCM tuning & Computer Diagnostics
    Hows it going everyone? So heres the deal, I decided to revive my 94 ta after its sat for about 8 years. Before it was parked I lost 3rd/4th gear (assuming the clutch pack went bad). So knowing this and having limited funds, i want to find a salvage tranny for the car. But this is where it gets...
  4. Parts For Sale
    this is a complete drop out for sale out of a 95 z28. engine: lt1 sbe, ported heads and intake, twin 58mm throttle body, cai, 42lb injectors, long tube headers, tick hatermaker2 cam, tick hardened pushrods, morel hydraulic roller lifters, comp 1.6 roller rockers, lunati valve springs, comp guide...
    $5,500 USD
  5. Automatic Transmissions | Torque Converters
    So I rebuilt a 4l60e in a 2007 chevy trailblazer, now it drives but slow to shift, cant really get into third, in neutral pressure is 60 psi, reverse is 90 psi, and drive is 60 psi
  6. Automatic Transmissions | Torque Converters
    Hello folks. Ok first off i will explain what my customer was in countering with his 4l60e trans. He lost third and forth. Ok simple enough tear the trans down and replace clutches and pump. No big deal right?? Well 3 rd and 4th clutch pack was complete toast. The frictions had no teeth left...
1-6 of 6 Results