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Cassidy Flynn 05-31-2019 04:14 PM

LT1 PCM configuration for 4L60E
Hi all, I'm wrapping up an lt1 swap in a 66 volvo runs, but trans appears to be in limp mode. I have not pulled codes, but looking at the bin file several of the shift solenoids are disabled in the switch this normal? Or, should everything be turned on? I bought the pcm pre programmed from ebay. Thanks

cocobolo95 06-01-2019 08:00 AM

You need to doenload the f-body service manual that matches the year of running gear you installed in your car. Get at following link. My Files.

In the driveability & emissions section you will find code explanations. You need to use an obd 1 or obd 2 scanner to read codes. Depending on year of running gear. 94-95 is obd 1. 96-97 is obd 2 If you took wiring harness out of a 95, it will have a 16 pin aldl. Just like obd 2 cars have. But it is still an obd 1 computer system.

When you read the codes look up each one in manual. The code page will tell why code set, what pcm does when code sets, and have troubleshooting steps.

You have a code, or some codes. The check engine or service engine soon light does not light up for many codes. But there are codes that are for engine related problems that cause pcm to disable auto trans functions. So scan for codes & look them up in manual.

When you have specific codes, we can discuss what to do about them.

Cassidy Flynn 06-01-2019 01:25 PM

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Ran the codes...43-knock sensor. I think I have this one figured out. Need to use a different PN with the stand alone harness, easy enough. The rest are trans related, but it's tough to know which is the route cause.
59 Trans fluid temp
73 pressure control solenoid circuit error
83 tcc control feedback fault
90 TCC solenoid circuit (QDM)

cocobolo95 06-01-2019 08:37 PM

According to service manual, dtc 59 may cause tcc not to apply properly.

Dtc 73 causes full line pressure & harsh shifts.

83 is for manual trans only.

90 will cause no tcc lock up & no 4th gear in hot mode.

For all these codes, not only check the sensor itself. But also check, wiring, connectors, grounds, etc. Use the 94 or 95 service manual to help you. Since I've never used or worked on a stand alone harness, I can't say how well wiring, connectors, & grounds will match up with factory wiring.

Hopefully, the stand alone harness came with wiring diagrams.

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