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Originally Posted by cocobolo95 View Post
The problem is that 11 ounces of R134 does not produce enough pressure in system to kick compressor on. You have to pretty much have a full load of R134 before safety switch will allow compressor to run. I don't know, off the top of my head, how much is a full charge.

So go to the following link and download the 93 service manual. In the hvac section, you will find the charge info and everything else about the hvac.

Ecm will not supply ground to cooling fan relays if ac switch is on, but R134 pressure is too low. If you had an obd 1 scanner that reads real time sendor data, the R134 pressure would be one of the listings of the data stream.

One more thing, with compressor clutch not kicked on, your ac gauge will read much higher than actual pressure in system.

So how can I manually engage the compressor so it can suck in more ac? Is it possible to manually engage it so I can add more Freon?
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