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AC compressor/Fans not kicking on when using AC.

Hi, I have a 1993 firebird trans am. The AC is not working, and hasn’t been since I got the car. We drained all Freon out of the car since it has sat for years in a garage and thought that there would be moisture in the ac line. We hooked up gages to the AC line and it read no Freon before we sucked the line dry. Next we put 1 small 11 ounce bottle in the line, and watched for Leaks. Nothing. After, when the gage read that there was Freon in the line, we turned the switch to AC, but it blows hot air. Also, we read that the fans should kick on and the compressor when the air control switch is set to max AC or AC. Any one know what the problem could be? Thx
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