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Thanks for the reply, even if I'm saying it two years later.

I've just been driving the car without AC all this time. It's a T-Top car and I don't drive it in the winter, so it's actually not been too bad. However, I'm tired of hearing that clutch making all the noise due to the locked up compressor. I leave the fan "off", but it's still rubbing or something. So I'm going to fix it this summer.

Question about the compressor. I know everyone says buy new, not remanufactured. And to cap the lines after flushing. Where can I get caps to plug the lines? Also, is there any brand of new compressor I should avoid? Rockauto has a UAC brand pretty cheap, but I don't want to buy complete junk. The AC Delco is about $50 more. Should I spend the extra or risk it with the UAC? Both options are for a new compressor.

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