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starts,stalls,starts, stalls

OK folks, looking for some advice.
I have a 97 Trams Am, with about 60,000 kms on it. In the last year I changed the ICM, Fuel pump, coil, crank sensor, ignition relay and fuel filter. Saturday night on a drive it felt like it stalled, but I gave it gas and it was still running. This morning I started it up and it stalled while at idle after running a few minutes. It cranked for a few seconds and fired up, ran for a few minutes died again. Started right up and ran it again for a few minutes and stayed running. I was going to take it to work but didn't want to chance it.
I know the battery is going, I have had to jump/charge the battery if it sits too long (maybe 5 days or so).
Could this just be the battery or the dreaded Opti? with only 60,000 kms and no water or oil leak (that i have noticed) I am really hoping the battery.
Just another note, when I hit the gas while it is idling, the oil pressure gauge doesn't move?
Any input is really appreciated.

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