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Thanks for the response. I haven't had time to do your trouble shooting, but I do appreciate the reply. I updated my post with my car info. So I'm working on the assumption that the compressor is bad and researching costs plus how to fix it myself.

I'm seeing that the compressor when it goes, can send metal through the system. Some places say to flush, some say to replace the condenser as well. It also says I should replace the expansion valve and dryer. Here's my question. If I replace the condenser, EV, and dryer, is there any reason to flush at that point? All that's left are the lines. If there is debris in the lines, then shouldn't I flush BEFORE I replace all the parts? Let me simplify my question below:

Do I even need to flush if I replace all those components?

If so, should I flush before or after replacing all the components?

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