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don't use my robot tuner, just learn yourself. it's easy.

1. buy winflash, or install the 30 day trial and just get your work done before the trial expires.

2. read your bin with winflash, or download the correct stock bin from my site (, but reading the original confirms that winflash and your serial cable work, so do that.

3. get tunerpro RT. download and load my EEX XDF definition. (it's on my site).. set tunerpro to 'category' view. read around at the available parameters, but do not change anything. also read LT1 PCM Tuning - Tips & Tricks for DIY Tuning! (basics) and - LT1 Tuning Technical Info (advanced)

4. tune your bin. if you can't figure out basic tuning like changing fan temperatures or disabling an error code using my very well commented xdf on your own, you are doomed, hire a professional.

to disable EGR, set minimum rpm to the top, and maximum rpm to the bottom, and disable any EGR error codes.

to disable a/c just disable the error codes.

to disable the air pump, disable the error codes and the "air pump enable" flag.

don't touch anything you're unsure of.

4. flash bin with winflash, and test. use scan9495 or something to check for codes to make sure you did it right.

don't worry about keeping your original bin file, EVERY virgin bin you'll ever need is on my site if you screw up.
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