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not quite

bin files are the actual program (and sets of variables) that you upload/download from the ECM.

the drop down ECM menu in tunercat selects what you'd call a 'definition' file. that tells tunercat or tunerpro what parameters are in the bin, where they are located, how to convert all the math, how they're organized, etc.

tunercat uses a .tdf file for their definitions. tunerpro uses an .adx. they're completely different. the .adx that tunerpro uses is actually quite a bit more detailed.

with a good .adx in tunerpro, tuning is just as painless as with tunercat or lt1edit, in fact i've been able to organize things much more nicely than tunercat, which kind of just throws it all into a menu.

but you can take a bin you work with in tunercat, edit it more in tunerpro if you like, and then bring it back to tunercat no problem, as the bin file itself, and the data in it (which is the actual program that your car runs on) is the same. in fact so is lt1edit's .LT1 format, but there's a technical reason why they wont work directly.
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