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  1. Hi guys, my car is running really rough and shaking like crazy
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  3. Strong Gas Smell.
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  5. 3.4-5.7
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  15. Coolant temp sensor connector
  16. WP Drive seal on dry or oiled.
  17. Low oil Pressure at warm idle
  18. stroker cylinder heads??
  19. Big oil pressure but smoking
  20. crank keyway and aftermarket hub and damper/balancer
  21. Lt1 Flooding
  22. Discuss 9c1 motor in a Pontiac Firbird?
  23. Rebuild plans for the a steel head LT1
  24. Coolant gushing out of open radiator
  25. CC304 cam question
  26. Crank Case Pressure Solutions
  27. oustanding stock 1/4 mile time!!
  28. Safest wet shot with my mods?
  29. Engine runs!
  30. Need Square Port Headers for AFR 227 Heads
  31. Coolant bleeder hose
  32. LT1 24x and 58x ignition
  33. unknown part
  34. runing rich after tune
  35. Should i remove exhaust system?
  36. Question High mileage z28
  37. What is my "honest" exhaust bang for buck
  38. small base circle camshaft?
  39. Steering Slop
  40. Is the Optispark an original AC/Delco?
  41. Discuss Spark blow out
  42. New optispark
  43. Are my Tires bogging me down?
  44. Guesses on Dyno ?
  45. collapsed radiator hose question
  46. oil leak = soaked starter
  47. lt1 9c1 swap in 80 g body - starts then dies seconds later
  48. Best place to instal cutout
  49. Picked this up for $1,500
  50. Explanation of Tire number meanings?
  51. Discuss LT1 poor performance
  52. Rear diff whinning after gear change?
  53. Anybody ever raced at Palm Beach International Raceway?
  54. LT1 severe misfire, on one cylinder. Sometimes.
  55. opti replacement
  56. 93 Camaro won't start
  57. P0174 Has me scratching my head
  58. DEI boot protectors
  59. Is it worth upgrading to Magnaflow?
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  62. a little help with 383 build
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  66. lt1 engine problem
  67. Replace LT1 injectors?
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  69. will this 383 rotating assemble work for lt1
  70. Need about an inch of lift in the rear
  71. Atf leak after replacing filter.
  72. need help!
  73. EVAP purge solenoid issue
  74. Seeking some help with 96 Roady LT1
  75. Rough idle when in gear.
  76. exhaust manifold gasket replacement question
  77. MM 6 question
  78. Videos on LT1 heads being ported
  79. ANY ideas on weird electrical issue?
  80. diy electrical drive for mech. speedometer
  81. What washers for draglites?
  82. Never again am i buying Wheel locks
  83. Do i need spacers for 15x10 Draglites on firebird?
  84. pushrod measurements tell me??????
  85. Stock clutch HP capacity
  86. Lt1 oil dip stick tube install help
  87. Recommendations on cheap draglite front tires?
  88. Question 95 t/a lt1 starting issues
  89. Question cam for dart pro1 lt1 heads
  90. What lug nuts do I need?
  91. Will 325/50 r15 fit my rear?
  92. Any of you guys using NT555r?
  93. NGK Iridium IX spark plugs. Bad Investment!!!
  94. power loss compression test head gasket air leak please help.
  95. Urgent lt1 misfires and no power please help asap
  96. Cheap drag tire recommendations?
  97. New owner transmission help.
  98. Tune came and and.... WOW!
  99. Discuss Cardone Opti Spark, Good or Bad ?
  100. Transmission Perform Question
  101. Throttlebody booster with aftermarket throttlebody?
  102. ATF leak after transmission filter change.
  103. Anyone removed their front sway bars?
  104. Purpose of cable?
  105. Misfiring problem
  106. Mail Order Tunes
  107. BBK shorty header question
  108. Question Fuel Pressure Regulator
  109. Fuel Pump Replacement Options
  110. Does the ICM have to be bolted on to work?
  111. 97 LT1 going back together... a few questions
  112. What Atf Fluid?
  113. 700r4 stock max WHP?
  114. Upgrade from Flowmaster to Magnaflow?
  115. So I just ordered a tune.
  116. 96 camaro with an occasional miss
  117. speedo discrepancy
  118. Do I already have a tune?
  119. Is this the factory chip?
  120. 96 LT1 Sputter/Jerk/Miss when running at operating temperature.
  121. whirring to loud pop noise
  122. 94 tapping sound
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  126. is it worth it??
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  128. Question Vette LT1 heads on F Body direct fit?
  129. Electrical problem? Opti? *NEED HELP*
  130. what could this be?
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  133. IAC Wiring diagram
  134. LT1 weird problem
  135. Fog lights scoop
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  137. 1996 z28 Cam Setup *HELP NEEDED*
  138. Just noticed my latest K&N oil filter not made in USA
  139. Urgent knocking noise with video and data
  140. 1996 Z28 Warm Start car won't stay running/missfire
  141. HELP...Opti??
  142. Should i upgrade intake?
  143. Brand New IAC Overextended
  144. Any Guesses on WHP?
  145. Whinning/Humming Noise.
  146. crossfire crank in lt1 block
  147. Backfire question
  148. lifter adjustment help
  149. In a pickle, Best MPH for fuel Economy
  150. mechanic says heads getting to much air optispark opinions please!!
  151. Water pump sealants????
  152. Pulling engine.... got a couple q's
  153. le tfs 215 heads
  154. 94 Camaro code 22 help!!
  155. Urgent Coolant lines
  156. how is this cam and will it work with my setup
  157. differences in lt1 blocks
  158. hard warm starts.
  159. I Need an Education in Engine Vacuum
  160. Question 95 trans am acts weird on highway
  161. I smelled a rat...
  162. Discuss closed loop coolant temp
  163. Blown head Gasket... Time to rebuild?
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  165. ram air help
  166. Question lt1 ram air question
  167. Question could cam bearings installed wrong cause this?
  168. loss of power clicking relay??
  169. lt1 dyno results
  170. Lifters????
  171. what's correct fuel pressure psi and weird shudder
  172. help!!!!!!! lt1 problems after buld
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  174. lunati cam 54761 - Your thoughts
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  177. 94 LT1 engine help needed
  178. fuel pump clip fell in tank will it hurt car
  179. found the problem. cant believe this
  180. best spark plugs and wires
  181. Who sells Borla single cat Y pipes still?
  182. Oil leak
  183. LT1 nightmare
  184. Weak spark from coil
  185. asked about datamaster files did tests still nothing
  186. 96 T/A LT1 Power steering issue.
  187. Question Top End Questions
  188. Fuel leak in fuel lines inside fender
  189. Intermittent no start with crossfiring
  190. Knock module
  191. Frame mounts
  192. Question Balancer Hub Bushing? Need to ID part.
  193. Discuss New Pics of motor and a few car pics also
  194. LT1 Rear Main Seal Direction
  195. Question Push rod length, springs rockers
  196. 95 lt1 no start. Please help
  197. can someone help me with this datamaster file so confused
  198. Comps new "Conical" valve spring
  199. valve spring question
  200. 95 trans am running very rough, any ideas?
  201. datamaster works but didn't record made my fuel pump
  202. can't get obd1 cable with laptop to work at all
  203. Bad Lifter?
  204. Need a new crank bolt washer
  205. muffler for car with no cat that sounds agressive
  206. ram air or cai what's better and what brand
  207. what do i need to do switching from 2.73 to 3.73 gear ratio
  208. Question LT1 ignition problem?? 94 z28
  209. fuel pump electrical plug clips
  210. ICM is it ok to buy oreilys bumper to bumper car quest non ac delco
  211. when changing lt1 starters....
  212. 94 z28 lt1 hesitates
  213. Question Why can I not get DTCs
  214. Discuss Haven't been on for a while
  215. Question 1994 formula dtc codes help me please
  216. Opti or coil
  217. LT1 swap FI question
  218. corvette starter
  219. Need more low end...which cam
  220. Urgent lt1 super sluggish
  221. Urgent need help LT1 guys
  222. leak after mechanic tightened rockers valves
  223. Cc503
  224. Question Radiator losing coolant
  225. 93 firebird formula lt1 dtc codes 44 and 55 confused help
  226. Smoke comeing out if exhaust
  227. 94 z28 waiper question
  228. threading for exhaust manifold
  229. o2 question after long tubes and offroad y pipe
  230. Urgent yet another question for the guru's
  231. Question Pump gas and High Compression
  232. correct 02 sensor for 93 firebird formula lt1and egr valve issues?
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  234. Can't pass smog!!! High NOx levels.
  235. Budget build recommendations?
  236. Split BLM's still
  237. Oil coming out exhaust! No Idea why...
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  250. 95 formula help